Important information

We would like to inform you that the products they have a delivery time of 1-3 working days, this delivery time is determined by the day it arrives at our store

Purchases made from corporate cards from our online store or from our physical store are charged + 2.15% of the value of the products, an amount which will be deducted from the VAT refund which is already included in the price and must be returned to the customer (company) based on (ARTICLE 11E). In case of purchase by bank transfer, + 2.15% does not apply.

Warranty - DOA (Dead on Arrival)

For some products, there is a possibility of a commercial replacement due to DOA (it involves replacing a product with a technical problem when delivering Dead-On-Arrival which means that it can not be started from the begining). This feature is provided by the manufacturer - in addition with your other rights - and is valid for 7 days. So if the product is covered by the DOA Replacement Service and you wish to activate it, you should follow the procedure provided by the manufacturer within the specified time.

To take advantage of the DOA capability where and when it is provided by the manufacturer, the procedure should be followed as described by the manufacturer. In any case, in order to return within DOA agreemnt, the product has to be accompanied by the copy of the "Purchase Document". Moreover it has to be in good condition, accompanied with all its accessories, and also to be within the manufacturer's term of validity DOA with a detailed description of the problem. If it is required to have a fault diagnosis and replacement approval by an authorized Service Center prior to the start of the DOA process, the return will be accepted if the Service Center has been approved. It is noted that the DOA procedure may be subject to the manufacturer's approval even after receiving the product in our distribution center and sending the product to be repaired to the service center.

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